The evolution of stories

This is a product that has evolved after years of working with clients doing marketing for them and understanding how important it to have real, verifiable customer stories / reviews / testimonials.

Call it what you will, people are more interested in what your clients say about you, than what you have to say about yourself.

Since we started building our platform way back in 2005, asking for testimonials after a sale was one of the first features we built into our platform.

We've built a lot of sites over the years, but getting customer reviews kept coming around as being one of the most important items in helping a small business grow. It provides the social proof other people need and is the next step up from a direct, personal referral It just works better than almost anything else and the total cost to the business is nothing, you just have to ask nicely. If you have limited resources, customer testimonials should be a primary focus, and if you don't, you should put more of them to work on getting as many video testimonials as you can.

The old "Randy from Vancouver" with no photo and some brief text about how great the business is, never really did it for us as an authentic review.

As video technology has become more available (let's face it we all have a studio in our pockets now) and API's got more robust (who wants to type all the details of a business address etc... just to add a review to a business you love) we thought it was time to take another shot at building a review platform that was more than just a few stars and some text.

Our ethos, or what we believe

There is a lot of talk about "fake news" in this day and age, we think the discussion should be around real stories instead.

In no way do we want to diminish the role of professional journalism, it's a critical part of a free society and it's erosion is unfortunate to say the least.

However, if we're completely honest, the media has rarely ever been a truly neutral party and many of the great wars of our time (and earlier times) were started on the basis of what is sometimes referred to as "yellow journalism". The media has always been used as a means to sway popular opinion, often with "news" which later proved to be completely fabricated.

The media, is now everyone. Everyone has a voice, although they're not always unbiased in their views and that can become very clear, very quickly. We are all the new media.

We want to be the platform that publishes peoples video stories.

Why not youtube, what makes you different

Yes, you can post on youtube, heck we do too but we're not trying to replace video hosting or even sharing. For one thing, we favor vertical video by choice. Technology evolves and we are constantly evolving our platform but at launch, we are planning to feature vertical video as the preferred format for sharing on our platform.

We are also focused on stories, all kinds of stories, but stories, told by real people and ideally with a positive focus.

We're not saying we're influencing what type of reviews to leave, they can be negative if that is justified, but what we don't want is haters, ranting, inconsistent people that are not bringing anything positive to the discussion.

Frankly, you can get plenty of that on youtube and other places that were setup and dedicated to leaving negative reviews, you know the ones ... We don't want to be one of those places.

Our Community Standards

If you haven't yet, read the comment above on our desire to keep this a generally positive place, focused on real stories by real people.

We will surely develop a more comprehensive community standards guideline as our site evolves but for now let's just make it plain and simple so everyone can relate and understand

Don't be:

  • A dick
  • A troll
  • Hateful
  • Obnoxious
  • Shy about calling people who are out


Welcome to our little corner of the web. We're excited to see what kind of stories you choose to share on our platform

Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Contact page, we love hearing from our community.